About Me

My hobbies and sports

More or less anything on or in water is fine by me. I am a BCU Kayak Coach, specialising in sea kayaking but also happy to take to the rivers, a RYA Senior Instructor for dinghy and power, and also do the occasional bit of diving or rowing.

Other than that I love cinema, travel, good food and family time.

What I want from my job

More than anything else I want to make a difference. I am happier in roles where I have the levers for change rather than just keeping things running. I am happier dealing with diverse teams and fluid situations rather than being tied to one place, and I am happier with complexity and broad roles over those that are simpler or repetitive.

My real specialisms

My focus has often been the introduction of flexible working (agile working, dynamic working, new ways of working etc.) in its broadest sense. That has included changes to culture and behaviours, changes to technology and changes to property/space. It's important to take all of these strands forward together, although with some roles and assignments the emphasis will change. That makes for quite an eclectic specialism. I am very happy taking responsibility for managing and transforming property on a global scale, but just as happy to transform employee facing technology or networks. Where I have the most unique experience is in supporting people to transition to Dynamic Working and adopt new practices.

What makes me uncommon is the level of success I have had in combining all three strands to make a lasting difference.